Sonia Gandhi and the Hidden Trail

By John MacLithon 
22 Dec 2010 11:33:00 PM IST
Sonia Gandhi and the hidden trail 

The Indian media has begun even doubting Manmohan Singh’s integrity — mental, at least —  as he must have been knowing for nearly two years that the Indian exchequer was defrauded of `1.76 lakh crores. But so far,  Sonia Gandhi has been spared.
Yet, if you are an observer of Indian politics, as I have been, since I landed back in India in the early ’Sixties, you have to come to the conclusion that most of the funds of scams end up in the coffers of political parties, particularly of the Congress.
 Today the DMK is taking the brunt of the blame, but actually political parties have been forced to follow suit after the grand old party of India’s independence, began using percentages allotted by foreign companies on mega deals, military and otherwise,  to secretly fund its election campaigns and give freebies to poor villagers. Of course, Bofors was the first one of the big scams to be uncovered.
I remember in the mid-Eighties a Swiss radio colleague of mine from Radio Suisse Romande, telling me that Amitabh Bachchan’s brother, Ajitabh,  (when the Bachchan family was still close to the Gandhis), was one of the first safe keepers of the kickbacks of the Swedish canon makers. Exposes of Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nhyeter further confirmed it, though Ajitabh went to court against them.
There is no doubt, further says my Swiss friend, that part of the Bofors money is still in Switzerland. Indeed, we are all waiting for the Swiss banks to reveal (under US pressure)  the names of all the dictators, thieves, dishonest rulers of so many countries in the world, who have stashed their ill-gotten money in UBS bank or Credit Suisse.
Meanwhile, all roads seem to lead to Sonia Gandhi: she is the first Lady of India, although she is a simple MP like hundreds of others, the ultimate arbiter, and nothing of importance is decided without her caveat. The immense power she wields within the Congress cannot be only due to her charisma, of her having the Gandhi name or having brought cohesion in the Congress.
It is also, and perhaps mainly, because she holds the purse strings of tremendous amounts of money. These party funds are overt: all the foundations, Rajiv, Indira, Nehru, etc, which store thousands of crores; and covert, starting with the Bofors scam. Where are the secret bank accounts where the scam money is stored? Under whose names are they operated? How is the money brought back to India? Who will answer all these questions?
We know that Quattrochi, the man who could have spilt the beans, was shamelessly let off the hook, not only by the CBI which today is conducting — two years late — the investigation on the 2G scam, but also by the then law minister who is today the  governor who pretends to be after corruption in Karnataka! Not only was Quattrochi spared, but was allowed to take the money he had looted from India and which was frozen in British banks, so that he would not talk.
Will Raja talk, if he is arrested, as it is rumoured? Surely he knows a lot of secrets, as some of the 2G, Adarsh CWG money,  and other unknown scams, must also have gone into the Congress coffers. That is the question that the Congress leadership should debate instead of going after ‘Hindu terror’, a misnomer if there is one.
If you look at statistics for the last 1,000 years, it is Hindus who have been at the receiving end of terror — millions of them have died, including in Kashmir in the late ’Eighties, when Benazir Bhutto launched her ‘Azad Kashmir’ movement (I was there).
Yet Sonia Gandhi remains a mystery for many of us, even for me who has known her for a long time.
I found her quite likable when she was just Rajiv Gandhi’s (the pilot) spouse, a loving wife, who had adopted the Indian way of life;  a good daughter -in-law: Indira Gandhi died on her lap on the way to the hospital, after being shot by her Sikh bodyguards; and more than everything, a good mother, who doted on her children and tried all her life to protect them.
I then knew that she had kept her Italian passport, even after taking the Indian nationality (India does not allow you to hold two passports), but I have met quite a few foreigners in Delhi who also retained their origin passports after having obtained the Indian one.
I myself toyed for some time with the idea of taking the Indian nationality, as I speak Hindi quite fluently, but it is too difficult to travel with an Indian passport. I do not mind also her remaining a Christian:  after all, I am still one myself. Indeed, one of my Italian journalist friends told me that he prayed with her, along with Rajiv Gandhi, at a mass in Calicut with the bishop officiating — that is her private business.
But after her husband was blown to pieces by the LTTE,  I observed a drastic change in her: she did not seem to trust anybody anymore, became aloof and suspicious. I also watched with dismay how the Congress leaders, some of them men and women of substance, whom I knew personally, applied pressure on her to enter politics for years.
Furthermore, I thought that in her fortress of Janpath, surrounded twenty-four hours by security,  she gradually lost touch with the reality of India. Despite the fact that I met her a few times after Rajiv’s death, I thus took discreetly my distances with her. It is then that I came up with my famous phrase on Sonia, for which she never forgave me:  “the moribund and leaderless Congress party has latched on to Sonia Gandhi who is Italian by birth and Roman Catholic by baptism”.
John, who was a radio journalist covering South Asia for 30 years,  is the author of Hindutva, Sex & Adventures (Roly Books, Delhi)

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Gruesome Drivel, PN Benjamin and Deccan Herald

(Original article in the link here).

Recently, I was forwarded an article titled “Gruesome and escalating violence on women” by one Mr. P N Benjamin in Deccan Herald news paper. Looking at the title, I could immediately discern it was feminist propaganda garbage. The opening statement read something like – “The recent chilling front page report of the police shielding the accused in a dowry case…”

I was “stuck” by this statement. I do not know which incident this P.N. Benjamin was referring to. But if any objective person looks at the reality on the ground, day in and day out, thousands upon thousands of innocent and defenseless citizens across the length and breadth of our country are being mercilessly arrested, incarcerated, presumed guilty and tormented for endless years based on mostly false complaints registered by disgruntled women.

Not surprised. This is the standard feminist fare – take some isolated case and peddle it as the mainstream, so as to intimidate the police, judiciary and politicians to tow the party line.

Then PN Benjamin goes on to write –

“One cannot help but be struck by the off-hand way in which generally a young woman’s life and death is summed up, matter-of-factly, without any undue cause for alarm or probing of the causes. It is as much as one would report a traffic accident or the death of a cancer patient — tragic certainly, but such things are to be expected.”

In India, at the present moment, a young married woman’s death is anything but un-sensational. Not a day goes by without one coming across a report of some married woman’s death somewhere “sensationally” repackaged as “dowry death”. It does not matter what the true cause of the death is. In the first instant, the entire family of the husband is rounded up and incarcerated. Then, to the eternal shame of our country’s civic credential, these defenseless citizens are presumed guilty as charged and made to fight the deep-pocketed and corrupt prosecution in the courts run by equally corrupt judiciary.  By the time the case is resolved, reams of journalistic garbage would have been written; thousands of rupees of the public monies would have been spent; scores of lives would have been ruined; and quite possibly some innocent persons may even have been jailed, particularly if they were indigent and could not afford the best defense money could buy.

When such a ruckus is created in the society upon the death of a young married woman, how could this charlatan of Benjamin make a claim that young woman’s life and death are paid no attention by the society? Obviously, this is a falsehood. What, then, is the reality that this self-proclaimed champion of women’s rights is trying to obscure?

Let me illustrate by replacing one word in his statement (“man” for “woman”) which then would read as follows – “One cannot help but be struck by the off-hand way in which generally a young man’s life and death is summed up, matter-of-factly, without any undue cause for alarm or probing of the causes. It is as much as one would report a traffic accident or the death of a cancer patient — tragic certainly, but such things are to be expected.”

How true! Now, the sentence makes sense; and that is the reality this charlatan is trying to obscure. Every year, 56000 married males end their lives unable to withstand the pressures of domestic violence, social hostility, lack of support and unreasonable expectations placed on their shoulders by the society. The tragic deaths of Pushkar Singhs, Syed Mukdooms are neither sexy enough for the mainstream media,  nor sensational enough for the state prosecutors nor sad enough to move the heartless judiciary. These human beings who were sacrificed at the altar of feminist fraud are the true faceless statistic.

As I read further through this piece of garbage, I could not help but notice this whole rant revolved around the D word (Dowry).  How is it that years after noted and pioneering woman’s rights activist Ms Madhu Purnima Kishwar adequately exposed the politics around dowry (link here), the sundry practitioners of pussy politics like the author of this drivel getting away with converting every woman’s issue into that of Dowry harassment? That too, in the mainstream media!

Could it be that the feminist machinery is feeling the heat as more and more mainstream media and civil society are coming forward to expose the “dowry harassment” blackmail racket? Quite possibly!

Coming back to PN Benjamin, is this pseudo-intellectual dunce really interested in the women’s welfare? If indeed he was, why was there no mention of the plethora of real and more serious problems faced by women in our country? Issues like –

–          deaths in childbirth

–          access to education

–          access to healthcare

–          extreme poverty

–          human trafficking

–          forced prostitution

–          forced marriages

–          extravagant marriages

–          child marriages

No! None of the above serious issues are of major concern for our Private Benjamin. And indeed, none of the above issues are of major concern for most of the loud mouthed feminists of our country. In fact, the bulk of the cases of use (or abuse) of the legislation (dowry related and DV legislation) has been by the middle class women of our country. As a segment, the middle class women of our country would hardly ever face any of the problems mentioned above. They, as a group, are in the best circumstance with regards to education, access to healthcare, and financial security. Disgruntled and brainwashed women from this segment constitute the best foot soldiers for the pursuit of feminist agenda. It is no wonder then that all legislation is targeted to this segment, so that more and more of them misuse the provisions of the legislation and wreak havoc on the society. And do that while playing victim, because they have the wherewithal to execute this scheme properly.

Where do the “Benjamins” of the media fit in the grand feminist scheme? They are nothing but bots strategically placed in mainstream media by the feminist political machinery to poison the public opinion. These dummies have the language skills, but lack the intelligence and honesty required to analyze the intricacies of socio-economic-political issues of our complex society.  However, that doesn’t seem to matter much. They still are making handsome careers peddling garbage, as our Private Benjamin has done in this article.

Power Grab by the NCW – The Aspirations of Girija Vyas Revealed


Under the stewardship of the corrupt Girija Vyas, the NCW has been turning into the National Commission for crooks and liars.

If you wonder why I call her corrupt, then read the Indian Express expose about the petrol pump scam. Here is the link about the Petrol Pump Scam: Indian Express Dirt On Girjia Vyas’s involvement In The Petrol Pump Scam

Some excerpts:

· Considering that two members of the DSB were officers from oil companies which is controlled by the Petroleum Ministry, the judges were of the opinion that Vyas’s position in the Consultative Committee resulted in a biased evaluation of qualifications.

· Vyas failed to fully disclose her income. A letter from Registrar of Mohan Lal Sukhadia University showed that Vyas was working as an Associate Professor until October 10, 1999 whereas the income statement furnished by her did not indicate the amount received from the University during April-September 1999.

· Vyas did not include the pension she receives for being an ex-MLA while certifying that her income was below the mandatory Rs 2-lakh ceiling. Vyas was MLA from Udaipur City during 1985-1990.

· Dealer selection rules seek a full-time dealer to run the pumps. The committee was of the view that Vyas should have resigned from Parliament after her selection. Vyas did not do so.

· In effect, she lied and pulled strings for personal gain. If that isn’t corrupt then what is?

· The corrupt Girija Vyas and her hand maidens have not raised a peep of a protest about the more than 1Lakh women, including my mom and sister, who have been jailed illegally under the stupid women protection laws they champion. You can read about the stats here:

· NCRB: Over 100,000 Women Arrested Under 498A Since 2004

It has just come to my notice that these morons now want to have the powers of a court, a berth at the Union cabinet, the perks and rank of union ministers of state and immunity for all their idiotic actions. I am just surprised that they haven’t asked for Z category protection from the numerous women of the country , illegally jailed, who are more that willing to bestow them with a Jaadu and chappal Pooja !

A lot of perks for these fatties and they have done nothing to reduce traficking of women, made fools out of themselves in the Pooja Chauhan case and I don’t even want to get into Nithari. They need to learn how to make an honest living, instead of living off the misery of the land.

Worse. These womens commissions are corrupt. To illustrate read the links below:

· Cat Fight In AP

· Rights Activists On Wrong Foot: The dirt from around the country on the Womens Commissions

Recently,  a SIF volunteer forced the NCW to admit to lying through an RTI. You can read about that here:

In the response to the RTI, they said to have gathered those stats from the in house study they had conducted. It looks like a majority of the morons who staff the NCW appear to be accused of adultery or are living in sin, atleast this is what can be deduced from the reply of the NCW’s PIO.

Here are the details of what they want:

· Sub-section 4 : the following sub-section shall be substituted – ‘The Commission shall, while investigating any matter referred to in sub-section (1), or inquiring into any complaints under this Act, have all the powers of a Civil court trying a suit under the code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908), and in particular in respect of the following matter, – a) summoning and enforcing the attendance of witnesses any person of India and examining them on oath, ii) discovery and inspection, c) receiving evidence on affidavits, d) requisitioning any public record or copy thereof from any court or office, e) issuing commissions and f) impounding of documents and retaining in custody for a specified period.

· Or in other words NCW will start impounding passports etc etc.

· Section 16D: Protection of action taken in good faith – No suit, prosecution or other legal proceedings shall be against the Commission, or any member, Commissioner, officer or servant of the Commission in respect of anything which is in good faith done or intended or remained to be done under this Act.The Status of the Chairperson and Members of the Commission: The Commission suggested that the Chairperson of NCW be given the status of the Union Cabinet Minister and the Members that of Minister of State.

It looks like Girija Vyas now wants to turn this Constitutional body into an extra constitutional one.

Hello !!  Isn’t there something called separation of powers ? Heck, even the PM of India doesn’t have these powers. This shows how little they know about governance and the structure of government. Do you now realize why I call them morons?

Folks, Girija Vyas is a spent force. She lost her last election and somehow landed this job by playing pussy politics. If she stands for election, she will be trounced at the hustings. This is a nice way to get a cabinet berth and by pass the election commissions laws on disclosure of assets and other niceties.

Devious and insidious – Vintage Vyas!

Yellow Journalism, TK Rajalakshmi and Frontline


Here is a great example of feministic yellow journalistic piece “The real victim” written by Mz. TK Rajalakshmi for the Frontline magazine


The farce that took place on June 25, 08 in the name of consulting men’s groups about women protection laws, has been adequately exposed in the media. The Save Indian Family NGO groups that protested the UNIFEM sponsored charade did so in a peaceful and dignified manner, while exercising the rights afforded to them in a democracy. That Renuka Chaudhary, the minister for WCD, met with the groups protesting the poorly drafted laws, is in itself not extra-ordinary. After all, she is an elected representative of the people. Listening to the grievances of the citizens affected by poorly drafted laws is, by definition, her duty.


Dear Mz. TK Rajalakshmi – you are either an ignoramus or a hypocrite, or worse still, both. The order passed by the Delhi Police Commissioner YS Dadwal is not a provocation for protests. It is not a new rule or law invented by the Commissioner. This is a restatement of the historic Indian Supreme Court judgment in “Joginder Kumar Vs State of UP, 1994”. In fact, all the arrests that have been taking place throughout the country under ipc498a in the last several years are in direct contravention of this landmark Supreme Court judgment. Any entity, however politically connected like AIDWA, or taxpayer funded executive body like NCW, that supports illegal arrests under any guise, is in direct contempt of the Supreme Court of India.


But the fascist minded commies from AIDWA (All India Democratic Women’s Association) and their supporters like the author of this yellow journalistic piece, think that they are beyond law. AIDWA is an euphemism. These commie “outfits” DO NOT believe in democracy. They believe in and support state sponsored tyranny and confiscation. They think they can cow down the judiciary and the police by hooliganism, breaking chairs and burning buses.


Sorry! Not this time!! There is enough civil society that is fully educated about their rights. And they will vigorously fight to assert those rights, even in the face of intimidation from corrupt quarters.


The whole game of dowry harassment played by the dishonest and rather evil radical feminist organizations is adequately exposed by the noted women’s rights activist Madhu Purnima Kishwar. The link is provided below for those honest enough to understand the true picture –


It is high time we expose the fraudulent idea of “dowry death” as a special category. This is an invention of the evil radical feminist “outfits” to further their agendas. All statistical analyses indicate there is no significant statistical difference between the numbers of deaths of unmarried and married females. In fact, the total number of deaths of married females is significantly less (about half) compared to the number of deaths of married males. Presuming the husband and the extended family to be guilty in any married woman’s death is a barbaric and uncivilized act. The existence of 304-B in our legal regime is a repudiation of the centuries old jurisprudence developed throughout the world. No person who claims to believe in democracy and rule of law, in good conscience, can support this abomination. We demand scrapping this law and overturning all the illegitimate convictions obtained under IPC 304-B. If there is a death of a person under suspicious circumstances, then that death should be treated as a suspected murder, investigated and the perpetrators brought to book. That is how it is done in any civilized and democratic country.


Finally, this piece of yellow journalism ends with an astounding and misleading (and grammatically incorrect) statement – “The campaigns against the misuse of the law has to have some substantive basis, but at least for now, there does not seem to be any.”


Dear Mz.Rajalakshmi – there are several sound and substantive bases for amending these idiotic laws. Let me just give you one for your benefit – “In the last four years alone more than 1,20,000 innocent women in all age groups have been arrested under the most misused legal provision – ipc498a. The arrested included  ninety year old great grand mothers, pregnant sisters, minor and unmarried girls and women with small children.”


This alone can be a substantive basis for amending these idiotic laws. If you have the intelligence, inclination and honesty, you will surely be able to learn of several other substantive bases on which the Save Indian Family Foundation is waging its campaigns for the amendment of these intentionally poorly drafted laws. Best of luck!

Ranjana Kumari is culpable in the illegal arrest of 100,000 Indian women

Over 1 Lakh women have been illegally arrested since 2004 under section 498A. Ranjana Kumari is culpable for this abominable act as she has been opposing any amendment to this law.

She proposed the strengthening of this abominable law.

The data was compiled by the NCRB and is available online under the report titled crime in India.

Here is a compilation of the data collected by the NCRB: NCRB Data On Women Arrested Under 498A Since 2004

She has lived up to her name as a Feminazi of India.

The declared assets of Girija Vyas

Girija Vyas and her mother,00120003.htm

Independent Vyas

So familiar | Kumkum Chadha

The Hindustan Times, February 8, 2007

Every morning, former minister and present Chairperson of the National
Commission for Women, Girija Vyas, pours herself two cups of tea: one in the
name of her mother and the other for herself. Even seven years since her
mother’s death, ‘Babli’ finds it difficult to sip tea on her own. So she
breaks into a soliloquy, pouring her heart out to her ‘omnipresent’ mother.

Vyas had wept over her mother’s body when she died. But earlier, in
Kilchipur village, Rajasthan, she was there when another loved one passed
away. Badi-bi, whose family had abandoned her because she refused to migrate
to Pakistan after Partition, lived by herself. She only drank water from the
well and Vyas often walked with her to fetch it. One night, Badi-bi ran out
of water. Her throat was parched. Seeing her state, Vyas walked to the well
and fetched water which Badi-bi drank to its last drop. Elated, Vyas felt
that she had “conquered the world”. She did not know when Badi-bi died. It
was only when Vyas’s mother came calling that a chill ran through her spine
she had slept all night next to a lifeless body.

Vyas’s mother Yamuna was a social worker in her own right. Even in the
conservative 1940s, she had taken up the cause of child-widows. Her father,
Srikrishna, was disowned by the family because he joined the freedom
movement. Hobnobbing with the British like most other successful businessmen
of those days, her grandfather banned his ‘wayward’ son from entering the
village. Vyas’s formative years were, consequently, a cross between politics
(courtesy her father) and social work (because of her mother).

In her mother’s imagination, young Girija was a “little nightingale” who
would grow up and heal wounds — study medicine and be a doctor. But Vyas had
other plans. She wanted to be a dancer. She was formally trained in Kathak
for 15 years as well as in classical music. Both, however, had to be
abandoned because of the dearth of good teachers willing to conduct classes
at home. Reluctantly, she settled down into academics, qualifying for the
administrative services which she did not join. “I valued my freedom and
wanted to be on my own,” she explains.

It was independence, more than anything else, that may be the reason for
Vyas to have remained single. She packed her bags and flew out of the
country when she sensed that marriage could be a reality. Abroad, she
researched the Gita and the Bible. One thing she is firm about not sharing
is her “loneliness” — her private space.

She has been writing poetry since she was three and she writes in three
languages, Hindi, Urdu and English. “I am not a big banyan tree/ I am a
less green bush/ The more you cut/ The more I grow.” These lines were
written after she was stripped of her portfolio as a minister.

Social Ostracism of 498a Women and Their Families

Section 498a of Indian Penal Code has become the consummate embodiment of gross human rights violation, blackmail, extortion and corruption. What makes this section particularly amenable to all of the above is that it assumes the accused to be guilty until proven innocent. “Guilty until proven innocent” may appear on the surface to be not such a big deal, but it is the root cause of the intense corruption surrounding this section.  Enough analysis has been done on the abuses perpetrated under this section. The final nail in the portrayal of this abuse was driven when the apex court of our country, the Supreme Court, termed the abuse of Sec 498a as “Legal Terrorism”. Now, Section 498a has become synonymous with the term Legal Terrorism. 

However, not enough has been written about the perpetrators of this abuse and how civil society must deal with them. Although, you hear an occasional news article condemning the abuse, in most cases, the media has been selectively biased in reporting the truth about these abuses or the abusers. Journalistic ranks have been infiltrated by the radical feminist elements. They regurgitate the same platitudes, occasionally recycling the same old tired stories of victimhood of women in our society, to justify the continuance of such illegitimate legislation in our legal regime. Rarely do you see anyone questioning the motives or background of the abusers.

Now that we have enough number of cases in the public domain, can we use this evidence to draw some generic conclusions about these blackmailers? Who are these women who file 498a? What are their backgrounds? What is overarching truth about these abusers? How should the society deal with them? These are the questions that need some thinking and reflection. 

There are just two main classes into which most of these filers of 498a can be fitted into. 

  • Adultery/Incest Category
  • Extortion of money Category

 Adultery and Incest

Anecdotally, behind most 498a cases is a story of adultery or incest.  In almost all cases, the instigator for filing a 498a case is a male member, who is in some way, related to the woman filing 498a. 

Surprisingly, in majority of the cases, the male happens to be the husband of the sister of the woman (ie. the brother-in-law). If one digs deeper, there is a story of brother-in-law abusing his position to entice the gullible sister-in-law into a destructive and dependent relationship. When the wife’s sister gets married, the intensely jealous brother-in-law refuses to let go of her, often instigating her to blow up small differences into major family problems. At the right time, he connives with the rest of the family and instigates them to file a false 498a case, thus breaking her marriage and destroying the future of everyone concerned. In some extreme cases, the brother-in-law even fathered an illegitimate child. When the paternity fraud is discovered, they took shelter in a false 498a.

In yet other cases, as outrageous as it is, it is the brother, the father or a cousin that has incestuous relationship with the girl, who instigates the filing of 498a. The remaining cases involve an ex-boyfriend re-entering her life, resulting in adulterous rendezvous that invariably become exposed. When the adultery is exposed, 498a offers the only shield that can be wielded against her hapless husband at the tax-payers expense.

Extortion of money

Under this category, the women filing 498a are those who were never interested in matrimony. For these women, 498a is the get-rich-quick scheme of choice. They actively scout around in the matrimonial sites for their next bakra, preferably an NRI, induce him into matrimony and file a 498a within a few months of marriage. There are recorded cases of women repeating this trick three to four times and becoming instant millionaires in the process, finally marrying their boy friends and living happily ever after, while their hapless husbands continue fighting the corrupt criminal justice system of India.

Social Ostracism

So what can be done by the civil society to deal with these criminal families? Social Ostracism is the answer. 

498a legislation is essentially illegitimate and anti-social. However, the Government which is controlled by the radical feminist elements refuses to acknowledge the abuse of the system in the face of mountains of supporting evidence. Most media in India is corrupt and shows little regard for the societal suffering or injustice. Judiciary and police are either brainwashed or conditioned by means of tax-payer funded sensitization programs to wear blinkers that ignore the evil perpetrated by the feminine gender. All the so called “equality demanding feminists” refuse to acknowledge that equality implies women are as capable of evil as are men. If a man can commit murder, so can a woman and many women do. If a man can lie, so can a woman and many women do.

It was heartening to note in the recent Pooja Chauhan episode, where a deranged prostitute who filed a false 498a against her in-laws and paraded her naked body on the streets demanding arrest of her in-laws, the community elders rose to the defense of the accused. This should provide the model for combating the menace of 498a in every corner of India.

In every case of marital breakdown, the first question the society should ask is – has the woman’s family filed a 498a case? If the answer is yes, then close attention to that woman and her family must be paid by all the responsible members of the society. Sooner or later, the full story of incest, adultery or blackmail would become evident and then become public knowledge.


Next time, you find an alliance of a divorced woman, find out from whatever records you find, if the woman filed a 498a case. Let everyone at work, family and neighborhood know the truth about the filers of 498a cases. Time will not be far off when 498a becomes not only synonymous with Legal Terrorism, but also with Adultery, Incest and Blackmail.

Renuka Chowdhury and Indira Jaising caught in a catfight

Click the following link to read the article!

Architects of the Domestic Violence Act caught in a catfight

Renuka Chowdhury misled people


‘Renuka Chowdhury misled people’

Express news service

Posted online: Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 0000 hrs IST

Vadodara, December 14
City-based businessman Vijay Wadhwani has complained to the Election Commission, accusing Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Renuka Chowdhury of misleading people with alleged false statements during the Assembly elections. Based on news reports about Chowdhury’s December 2 statement in Vadodara, Wadhwani has sought action against the minister.

Wadhwani said, “The minister questioned why the Modi government hasn’t passed the Domestic Violence Bill-2005 yet, if it is so concerned about women? And that the Congress will implement the Act if it comes to power. She also said she wants to save women from Modi’.” Wadhwani said such comments by the Union Minister has raised questions over the ministry’s credibility and her knowledge of the portfolio she holds.

He said the bill has already been enacted by the Centre and doesn’t require further action by the state government, adding that many cases have even been filed across Gujarat under this law. He said even social worker Ila Pathak had confirmed of five cases being registered before November 4, 2006. The first case was registered in Ahmedabad in Sabarmati area, and in Vadodara, the court passed the necessary judgment in one Jagruti Jadhav’s case.

Wadhwani, who runs a chemical business in Gandhidham and Vadodara, said, “Even the Congress has got it wrong, as page-2 of their election manifesto reads – ‘Domestic Violence Act-2005 is not being implemented. If the Congress was so concerned then why it is sitting idle and doing nothing regarding more than 1.25 lakh pregnancy related deaths this year.”

In his complaint, Wadhwani also quoted the statement of Deepa Jain Singh, Secretary, Women and Child Development Ministry, at the Women Power Connect (WPC) national meet on August 18, 2007, where she had said that ‘Gujarat has even translated the law into regional languages for creating more awareness’. He said both Houses of Parliament passed the Domestic Violence Bill-2005 in August 2005 and the President had given his assent to the bill on September 13 the same year.

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