Renuka Chowdhary is anti-men

Famous quotes of Mrs. Renuka Chowdhary:

“It is men’s turn to suffer” – On National television speaking about the Domestic Violence Act.

“It is not such a bad idea, except that I have such pity for men.” – When Karan Thapar (on a CNN-IBN interview) asked her if she thought that men should first suffer before she considers amendments to check misuse of the law.

“We can’t react like Hindi movies and just rush. Inquiries are going on. My officers are sitting by the phone and keeping an eye on the situation,” – reaction after little girls who were sexually and physically abused for years at an orphanage in Ghaziabad were rescued following an NDTV expose.

“The law is there but I cant do anything in that case. Please ask the labour minister,” – Passing the buck on the issue of victims of child labour and physical abuse, following the above mentioned NDTV expose.

“You cannot trust men or your husbands,…If you believe that men will be careful, then you can forget about protecting yourself…Men will not buy a condom when they come staggering home while drunk…Women need to get condoms to protect themselves; let the men be suspicious” – At a meeting of the National Women Forum of Indian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS.’Indian+men+fuelling+HIV+epidemic’

Also watch her histrionics and blatant misandry in the following videos:



  1. arun said,

    January 20, 2008 at 8:00 am

    Arjun Singh in dowry case – Renuka defends him!!!

  2. Renuka a real b*(%h said,

    January 8, 2009 at 8:06 am

    Renuka is very faminist women who herself took advantage using her own daughter. remember, her daughter filed a false 498a case against his doctor husband based in UK. This b*(%h is giving ideas to extract money by misleading the women to file false cases of 498a against groom’s family. The law should be rectified.

    1). When 498a is filed, no matter what happen, both the parties are not allowed to file dissolution of marriage or Divorce.

    2). If the wife can’t prove any wrong doing, she should not be given any money as alimony or other means. The husband should return only her Streedhan and expenses for marriage NOTHING ELSE.

    with current system, these b*(%hes blackmail their husbands and family by not withdraw or not testify in front of judge until you show them money. Why the hell the case which is on trial is extended for multiple years without any witness being testified????This is fucking ridiculous. This is total waste of government resources like judge, public prosecutor etc.

    The only way to get out of this mess is if all the acting judges, lawmakers or even lawyers are booked under 498a by their daughter in laws or some other person, then they would realize that this should be modified and should set a timeline to dismiss the case in the event of the complaint party not attending the court.

    Why this b*(%h was defending Arjun Singh?? F*&^ Renuka Chawdhry and all faminist lawmaker and their supporter..

    At last people like Renuka Chawdhry are encouraging high priced prostitution. Renuka is a “Dallal” of all those b*(%hes who filed false cases against their inlaws just because they don’t want to be the part of that family, they file false cases.

  3. Inthenameofmyson said,

    May 16, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    Well… Renuka Chowdhury got a fitting reply in this election. Well, how can the curses of thousands of harassed husbands and thier parents go a waste. The world is not just made of wives, there are husbands, children, harrassed in-laws of wives and probably the minister forgot who is on the majority. Else, she would have won it the third time considering that she won with a margin of over 1,00,000 votes the previous time. She spent her time on negative things and people are not blind or insane. What a victory this is for the harrassed men and their parents and the innocent kids who are tortured by the crooked wives. Time to celebrate and the time to topple the biased law makes has come. Please share the happy news to all the harrassed husbands, their parents and children in India. This is just the beginning.

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